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Developed by J.G. Hollins Builders with over 25 years of experience in producing the finest of homes.

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5514 Yale Street #104. Houston, Texas 77091

Tealpointe Lake Estates - Tomball Texas
Tealpointe Lake Estates - Tomball Texas
Tealpointe Lake Estates - Tomball Texas
Johnny Hollins, owner of J.G. Hollins Builders, has been dedicated to constructing the finest quality homes for over 25 years. Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Johnny was first introduced to the trades by his paternal uncles. He enjoyed watching them as they built churches and luxury homes, and they taught him numerous trade skills along the way. Johnny’s journey in the construction industry continued at Belaire High School, where he took courses in woodworking and metal fabrication. After attending Louisiana State University, Johnny joined the United States’ Air Force where he continued to earn trades experience.

Johnny’s adventures then brought him to Houston, TX, where he began working on small renovation projects. However, Johnny soon had an even bigger goal in mind: to revitalize the local communities he loved by renovating and building beautiful new homes. In 1999, he started his construction company, J.G. Hollins Builders. In addition to building new construction homes as a licensed builder within the city of Houston, Johnny and his team focus on bringing area neighborhoods high-quality, affordable housing through home renovation projects.

The foundation of J.G. Hollins Builders is built with trust, integrity, and quality. Along with these pillars is a belief in philanthropy, a code that inspires the team when it comes to renewing communities like Acres Homes. “My passion is affordable housing and helping people get into homes they ordinarily would not be able to buy,” says Johnny. “We’re bringing in a nice, quality-built product with a lot of land, which is rare.” Over the coming years, the accessibility of Acres Homes may increase as more residents and businesses flock to the area. Of course, new businesses would create new local job openings, an exciting prospect in a neighborhood that already has incredible property appreciation potential! Such reinvigoration is at the heart of J.G. Hollins Builders’ business.

In addition to developing communities, one of Johnny’s passions is teaching local students the intricacies of homebuilding through the Home Builders Institute (HBI), a longstanding non-profit organization based out of Washington, D.C. Johnny has trained curious students in woodworking, framing, carpentry, and more, and the classes always bring back fond memories of his early days in construction with his uncles. Taking students out to job sites to expose them to new trades and see where their interests blossom is one of his favorite parts of the program. Many of Johnny’s students excel at their chosen trades and go on to work with him at J.G. Hollins Builders. Trade skills can be used for a lifetime, and it is Johnny’s honor to not only educate students in the Houston area but provide jobs for them as well.

Johnny’s commitment to excellence in the construction community is also evidenced by his positions on the Board of Directors of several organizations, including the Greater Houston Builders Association (GHBA), the National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC), and the Acres Homes Chamber for Business and Economic Development.